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Code Artisan | affordable web-design

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Your web-design solutions, my passion

Using PHP allows to modify core the functionalities of Wordpress to tailor the content management system to specific requirements

The Bootstrap framework allows for fast development and beautiful interface and it includes the latest design and accessibility standards.

I develop with Wordpress for easy and efficient content management so that you can focus on the most important: your content.

A Javascript library that allows for fast development, beautiful interface and great cross-browser compatibility.

Need a website?

I would love to hear about your project and discuss how we can make it happen. Don't hesitate to get in touch I am confident that I can offer the best solution and the best deal out there!

Static Websites

Great for:

  • Personal Pages / online CVs
  • Contact webpages
  • Sites that are not often updated
  • Webmasters with some knowledge of HTML
  • Simple, one page Apps


  • 14 days test drive, with free modifications
  • 1 month free technical support

Worpress Site

Great for:

  • Small to medium Websites
  • Blogs
  • Sites with active content management
  • No knowledge of HTML required


  • Full Wordpress content management system
  • 1 month test drive, with free modifications
  • 2 months free technical support + 1 onsite wordpress training session*
*Scotland central belt only

Need help with your website?

The Web is a fast evolving environment! If you need a hand to keep up to date, I am happy to help!

Web-design refresher

Expand your website, add new functionalities

Site repair and debug

Projects in Development

Research online

Research online screenshot

Click to preview

Research Online is a content-focused theme designed for research groups wishing to highlight their most important content. It is fully responsive, developed with Bootstrap, customizable and flexible to give users as much control as possible over their website while not having any knowledge of code.

If you are interested in using Research Online as a Worpress theme
Get in touch!

Publication table creates a customisable table of publications as well as a search form. The plugin is dependent on Advanced Custom Fields which should be installed first. When activated, Publication Table automatically creates:

  • A new post type called Publications

  • An associated field group

  • A custom category to be used in the publication table (you can also use existing categories)

So as soon as the plugin is activated you are ready to input your publications through the admin menu. Then simply write [publication-form] and [publication-table] in the admin panel when writing a post or content for a page.

a custom taxonomy
Added by the plugin
custom 3
publication table
a custom taxonomy
Added by the plugin

Publication TitlePublication AuthorsPublication datePublished inCategory
Test Publication 2More Authors, and more, and more Mar 2013Journal of examplesAdded by the plugin / custom 3 / publication table
Test Publication 1Joe Bloggs, John Smith, Mar 2017A gret journala custom taxonomy / Added by the plugin
Test publication 3Author 1, Author 2 Mar 2006another journala custom taxonomy / thumbnail


Graphic Designs

I have designed and delivered all kinds of graphic designs for professionals such as menus, presentations, brochures, posters and flyers. From the small vector icon to the large poster, I can help with your graphics!

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